About TDG

The Dedham Group, "TDG", is a specialized boutique management and strategy consulting company offering advisory services to the Life Sciences industry with a strong focus in the Oncology and Special Therapeutics space. TDG's unique expertise in specialty healthcare economics, emerging access influencers, molecular diagnostics and commercial analytics provide our clients with a holistic approach in solving their greatest clinical and business issues facing their brands.

Over the years, we’ve rapidly established ourselves as the preferred go-to strategic partner in many of the large premier biopharmaceutical companies in the US. Our core philosophy centers on that at every client interaction, we strive to advance their thinking by continuously delivering strategic insight from the marketplace. We believe that our strong commitment to insight and continued development of highly specialized therapeutic area expertise sets us apart from our competitors. We’re not a generalist management consulting company and we’re also not a market research firm that shadows as ‘consulting’. Our clients recognize this difference and as a result, in many of these companies, we work with C-suite clients and across the portfolio and not just a few brands.

We’re extremely selective in working with specific types of clients generally those who are interested in driving real change and innovation within their organizations and the industry. Our goal and internal company philosophy is that we invest heavily in every client relationship to ensure that our clients are successful in both the short and long-term. Many times beyond a project – we provide strategic and management support from proprietary research and analyses to management of tactical execution.

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Unlike other consulting companies, TDG was founded on the principles of doing what’s always best for the client and providing unique solutions that drive execution and innovation. To be really great at what we do, every member at TDG is extremely passionate about helping our clients solve their key business problems. Whether it’s through our core strategy consulting business unit or our other business units (Training & Syndicated Custom Reports; Data Analytics & Decision Support Tools; Specialty Data Set Development), every TDG team member is constantly thinking about new ways and products that will create value and provide a new layer of strategic insight to our clients.


At TDG, we believe professionalism is synonymous with taking pride in our work. We believe that we’re extremely successful in meeting our clients’ greatest needs because our people are all excellent and always strive to create extremely high-quality and insightful solutions. We let the quality of our work speak for itself. We believe this character trait is deeply engrained in TDG’s DNA.


Process Oriented

Like many other top-tier consulting companies, TDG employees are extremely structured and organized in their thinking. TDG’s proprietary comprehensive process and issue diagrams and prioritization frameworks are applied to every work-stream so that key issues can be thoroughly examined and the right level of insights are needed.

Clients and Results Driven

We invest extensively in every client relationship. Beyond the quality of our work, we pride ourselves in providing a high level of service and support with our key clients regardless of a project. We understand that our success is deeply dependent on their success and our focus has always been to help them become leaders in their career. As a result, most clients view TDG not as a “vendor” or a consulting company, but as a strategic partner of choice bringing us into extremely C-suite and senior level discussions regarding company-wide initiatives.


One Team

We believe that the only way for us to win and help our clients become successful is completely dependent on the contribution of every team member at TDG. We believe in a one-team attitude, synergistically leveraging our best collective thinking for our clients. We believe the best results come when every team member is fully engaged, doing their best work and not taking ourselves too seriously in the process of doing it.

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