Strategic Access & Value Enhancement Tracking Dashboards

Pulse Analytics

How Can We Be More Targeted, Responsive, & Effective in Addressing Access & Value Needs?

The Dedham Group offers and maintains various web-based strategic tracking and decision support tools that span priority access stakeholders and value influencers to drive targeting & engagement planning.

Emerging Organizational Monitoring Priorities

Distribution Model Optimization

Evaluate analog trends & inform model development / evolution

Pathways & Alternative Payment Models

Understand positioning & emerging value drivers on new models

Quality Metrics & Value Optimization

Benchmark how product attributes map to Quality Metrics

Traditional Access Priorities

Payer Quality of Access & Targeting

Inform payer access strategy & engagement planning priorities

Provider Key Account Needs & Engagement

Map internal protocols positioning & engagement priorities

TDG Strategic Dashboard & Tracking Tools

Be more proactive & responsive to emerging national & local level specialty market access needs, optimize targeting & resourcing thought value & quality lens, & support strategic / tactical engagement planning to enhance pull-through.

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