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Oncology and Specialty Therapeutics Consulting

The Oncology and Specialty Therapeutics consulting unit is our primary business unit, dedicated to providing management and strategic advisory services to our clients. Our consulting arm helps clients anticipate and strategically address the rapidly evolving challenges facing oncology and other specialty brands, which maximizes their value to our customers.

Our consulting arm focuses on largely on access enhancement and cultivating sustainable competitive advantage for our clients. Our projects span across multiple areas and are not limited to but include commercial due diligence, landscape assessments, forecasting, competitor scenario planning, portfolio planning, and opportunity assessments.

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Training and Syndicated Custom Reports

Our training and syndicated custom reports business unit provides our clients with leadership and sales training in the business of their specialty therapeutic area. Many times traditional learning organizations and internal training departments within our clients only provide training on the clinical aspects of a given specialty therapeutic area and lack the education surrounding the commercial marketplace dynamics required for managers that have transitioned from a traditional therapeutic areas (e.g. cardiovascular, diabetes, etc.) unfamiliar to a specialty area. Our business training generally provides an in-depth overview of the specialty therapeutic area’s traditional and emerging stakeholders, their business models and drivers, marketplace trends, partnerships and pilots, and key competitor case studies.

Regarding our syndicated and custom reports business unit, we provide highly valued reports detailing the industry’s latest new product launches within a specialty therapeutic area with details specifically addressing payer policy and formulary coverage details across public and private channels, distribution model network design and competitive patient support programs and services. Our analysts and consultants track all new products from time to launch to provide our clients with a rapid overview with highly valued information many times before the information is publicly available. We engage our key stakeholders in the industry and our internal panel of experts to validate the information regarding the new launch.

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Data Analytics and Decision Support Tools

Our Data Analytics and Decision Support Tools business unit provides our clients with management reporting and analytical resources to help them leverage data-driven insights to support decision-making. Some of the key types of tools which we’ve developed in the past for our clients include custom payer management dashboards, specialty pharmacy dashboards and fair market value models.

Payer management dashboards generally include both secondary industry data sources (e.g. IMS Health and Wolters Kluwers, FingerTip Formulary, etc.) as well as custom primary research insights. Unlike many of the tools currently available in the marketplace, this tool allows brand managers to get an in-depth view for each account, understanding the account’s key partnerships, sources of influence impacting policy formulation, resources they value, and comparable analog policy coverage. Additionally, the payer management dashboards also provide high-level management tracking of key performance and access metrics.

Our Specialty Pharmacy dashboards provide key account managers with in-depth details regarding each specialty pharmacy’s therapeutic area capabilities and expertise. Account managers will not only be able to profile each specialty pharmacy but also to track distribution model performance across key performance metrics most impactful to the brand’s business.

Finally, we also provide our clients with a custom Fair Market Value model, providing generally non-transparent industry ranges regarding the cost of services, often bundled and difficult to assess. Our Fair Market Value provides granular details around resource staffing, timing, wages, profit margin, and many other factors which influence the valuation of these services. The FMV model uses a blended cost and market-based approach to value these services and data products generally sold to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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Specialty Data Set Development

TDG’s Specialty Data Set Development and Portal Design business unit provides clients with unique data-driven applications, often leveraging several different types of data sets (e.g. electronic prescribing, distribution model / wholesaler data, molecular diagnostics, sales prescription data, etc.) to be incorporated into a web-based portal or an ipad application for manufacturer sales managers. Recent example applications include region-specific access influence maps for specialty oral and infused products, regional in-office dispensing pharmacy trends and legislation, and many others. Our reputation as an innovator in the specialty space has allowed us to form several strategic relationships with many of the industry entrepreneurs, gaining access to rich data sets not typically available to traditional consultancies.

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