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Improve your market positioning, streamline the access journey and enhance patient access to care with our industry-leading solutions.

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Syndicated Reports

The healthcare ecosystem is constantly evolving. The Dedham Group’s research reports keep you in the know on ever-changing market access challenges. Get information from leading experts and thought leaders without the expense of custom strategy consulting work.

Use our up-to-date insights to create informed strategies, prioritize threats and allocate resources.

Reports include:

  • Holistic deep dives on the Inflation Reduction Act, biosimilar category evolution and veterans affairs oncology access
  • Payer deep dives on specialty carve-outs, oncology benefit managers and white-bagging
  • Provider deep dives on enhancing oncology care models, evolving 340B restrictions, cell and gene dollar flow mapping and oncology pricing and trends
  • Provider site access support needs & strategy
  • And more
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PULSE Analytics

Engaging stakeholders at oncology accounts is becoming increasingly complex as the market continues to evolve and grow. PULSE Analytics’ data helps you navigate the right path to market access.

PULSE data modules give you insights on:

  • Providers: Indication-specific insights on internally developed pathways and key provider account profiles, including a decision maker map and regional footprint
  • Pathways: Indication-specific insights on third-party clinical pathway adoption, institution protocols, brand positioning, key influencers and adoption/mix
  • Alternative Payment Models: Evaluate the impact of emerging oncology payment models, program structure, financial incentives penalties, and indication-specific value drivers
  • Medical Benefit Managers: Understand the impact of medical benefit managers on payers and providers including market growth, key events and active payer partnerships
  • Key Decision Makers: Find key oncology stakeholders and their affiliations and broader networks

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