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Syndicated Reports

The healthcare ecosystem is always evolving. Stay in the know with Syndicated Reports.

The Dedham Group’s Syndicated Reports give you the latest insights on ever-changing market access challenges. Get information from leading experts and thought leaders without the expense of custom strategy consulting work. Use our up-to-date insights to create informed strategies, prioritize threats and allocate resources.

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Holistic Deep-Dive Reports

  • Inflation Reduction Act: Get evolving provider and payer reactions to IRA legislation and associated marketplace changes, including evolution of payer management and practice-level approaches to mitigate financial losses.
  • Biosimilar Category Evolution & Anticipated Scenarios: A detailed view of biosimilar category dynamics, including market share an drivers of performance.
  • Veterans Affairs Oncology Access: An overview of VA organizational structure, recent oncology-specific initiatives, and what’s influencing provider decision-making and access management.
  • Innovative Market Access Solutions: Learn how to bring solutions that reduce access barriers, raise value perceptions and enhance customer experience for inline and pipeline assets to market.

Payer Deep-Dive Reports

  • Specialty Carveouts: An overview of specialty carveout/alternative funding and growth trajectory, including stakeholder pain points and implications for manufacturers.
  • Oncology Benefit Managers: How payer partnerships with third-party medical benefit managers can affect brand access and impact provider prescribing, and support payer targeting strategy.
  • Whitebagging: Find out which payers are implementing policies to control provider dispensing practices, and how this impacts brand access.
  • Emerging Payer Ecosystems & Vertically Integrated Entities: Learn emerging health plan capabilities, business units influencing payer goals, and forward-looking access impact.
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Provider Deep-Dive Reports

  • Oncology Practice Collaboratives: The latest information on growth, participation, business models, access levers and engagement partnership opportunities in collaborative practices.
  • Enhancing Oncology Care Model: A holistic overview of oncology caremodel design, stakeholder participation and key implications for oncology brands.
  • Evolving 340B Restrictions: Get an understanding of account response strategy to 340B restrictions and manufacturers’ willingness to implement access restrictions on impacted products.
  • Cell & Gene Dollar Flow Mapping: Learn about financial access barriers for providers and patients limiting adoption of cell & gene therapies in the U.S.

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