Market access research, analytics, & strategic consulting services for the oncology & specialty therapeutics space

The Dedham Group is an oncology and specialty therapeutics research, analytics and strategic consultancy focusing on the US market access & value space - payer / provider / access influencer engagement strategies, distribution / HUB access services, pricing/contracting, smart data, value-based care, and operational pull-through and execution support.


Access strategy and engagement model

Focusing on customer (payer, provider) and access influencer (pathways groups, medical benefit management organizations, MDx groups / labs, societies / foundations, value-based care decision support groups, and data and technology partners)

  • Payer, provider, & access influencer segmentation, prioritization, & in-depth account profiling inclusive of key decision-maker identification and influence mapping
  • Engagement strategies / tactics, access support resources, & value story priorities per stakeholder group for addressing over the short, medium, and long term time horizons
  • Emerging access influencer (pathways, OBMs, vertically integrated systems, diagnostics groups, data / technology groups, etc.) differentiating strategic partnerships for brands and franchises

Pricing and contracting strategy

Relative to payer, provider, and oncology GPO contracting as well as pull-through strategies and stakeholders

  • Pricing / contracting benchmarking and analog data analytics to anticipate customer value perception and behavior
  • Modeling for contracting target prioritization, performance thresholds, and key terms / structure, and local level pull-through strategies / tactics
  • Progressive performance-based contracting approaches, feasible metric identification, and 3rd party resources to support operationalization

Distribution / dispensing model & strategy

Includes services, data, vendor, and coordination needs across the optimal distribution and dispensing model relative to specialized resource needs (open vs. closed), performance level required (number and mix of vendors), business rules and HUB services coordination (mandatory / voluntary, front vs. back end, good vs. negative redundancies), and differentiated customer experience offerings (custom services)

  • Differentiating strategic service and data needs prioritization (including FFS offerings of GPOs), analog assessment, and emerging offerings and vendor evaluation
  • Strategically-driven model design, model evolution plan, robust vendor inclusion criteria, and RFP scope and process priorities and best practices for execution
  • Distribution, dispensing, & data partner performance management as well as QBR data-driven best practices

HUB access services model & strategy

Patient journey and provider experience-driven support services / programs (PAP, copay assistance, free drug / voucher, bridge, etc.), configuration, call center, data sources / reporting, orientation to reimbursement specialist team, etc.

  • Model design for high impact customer support including trade-off analyses of front vs. back end services, mandatory vs. voluntary coordination, business rules, and competitive needs-driven program benchmarking for differentiating non-product assets support infrastructure
  • Operational resource optimization, data / reporting approach, and patient and provider organization stratification for mapping support resource to customer
  • Emerging technology-driven support partnerships and predictive analytics for more proactive and responsive issue resolution to compliment traditional services

Smart Data strategy

Relative to ongoing management of performance (internal teams, vendors), competitors, and customers, as well as key partnerships across regional access ecosystems to enhance clinical, operational, and economic value perception of our products

  • Customer, influencer, and vendor as well as regional / local level geographic targeting, tracking, and prioritization for greater engagement resource impact
  • Strategic data alerts to trigger corrective interventions for addressing emerging customer needs and competitive pressures
  • Digital health strategies to enhance RWE, evolving product value stories, and cross-functional collaboration (medical-regulatory-commercial) to enhance market access (patient identification, affordability support options, compliance and persistency, etc.)

Value-based care strategy

Relative to the strategic and tactical levers including clinical standardization, payment reform, quality measures, cost frameworks, and big data

  • 3rd party pathways, key account internal protocols / pathways, medical management groups tracking, alerts, and engagement strategies as well as operational approach
  • APM and quality measure strategies to enhance value through optimal operationalization of products, supportive resources, and alignment of medical and commercial
  • National and state level HC policy tracking, stakeholder comments / initial perspectives of proposals, implications, and strategic contingency planning

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