Decision Support Tools for Market Access in Oncology & Specialty Therapeutics

Transforming data into insights and strategies to communicate the right priorities to your team and to customers

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Engaging stakeholders at oncology accounts is becoming increasingly more complex as the market continues to evolve and grow.

 PULSE Analytics has the data you need to pave the way to market access success.

With PULSE Analytics, you can:

proactive iconBe more proactive and responsive to emerging specialty market access needs

optimize targeting iconOptimize targeting and resourcing through the lens of value and quality

support strategic engagement iconSupport strategic engagement planning to enhance pull-through

PULSE Analytics is one of the most comprehensive and granular data sets to help pharma companies get the actionable insights they need to target critical accounts, with:

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89 million
payer medical lives

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key decision makers

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150 brands
for each pathway

PULSE data tools give you insights on:

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Clinical Pathways

Evaluate clinical pathways adoption by payers and providers, implementation sophistication, financial incentives/penalties and brand-specific access risks or opportunities.

  • Comprehensive pathways affiliation mapping
  • Oncologist exposure analysis
  • In-depth product management assessment
  • Key influencer identification
  • Pathways organizations profiles
  • Excel & PowerPoint-based tool data downloads
  • Monthly “newsletter” e-mail updates of recent pathways events

Payer Quality of Access

Evaluate coverage restrictions down to a specific indication and line of therapy, plus regional coverage targets and competitive access, to determine coverage threats & opportunities for targeted planning.

  • Detailed quality of access & utilization management criteria details per indication and line of therapy
  • Payer review timing
  • Regional access target mapping & restrictions
  • Competitive access & relevant account management insights
payer quality of access tool
provider key accounts

Provider Key Accounts

Establish understanding of high-impact key accounts through assessment of indication-specific clinical, operational and economic behavior & trends to optimize targeted engagement strategies and operationalize tactical planning approaches.

  • Interactive account-level profiles encompassing staffing & business model details
  • Clinical sophistication & network affiliation
  • Clinical trials participation
  • Provider-driven pathways utilization / pull-through
  • Influential key decision makers
  • Opportunity to customize based on client-specific needs and intended use cases
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Key Decision Makers

Discover relevant clinical & non-clinical key decision-makers in oncology across specialties, accounts, networks, and geographies, while gaining insight into their broader spheres of influence, to optimize targeted engagement strategies.

  1. Comprehensive KDM lookup tool with extensive attribute selection filters (e.g., tumor specialty, geography, account, role)
  2. Holistic national influence scoring (customizable based on needs, clear methodology / accessible component sub-scores)
  3. Detailed individual KDM profiles (e.g., internal dept influence, clinical trials leadership)
  4. Convenient Excel exports of relevant KDM subsets
key decision makers tool
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Net Cost Recovery

Explore provider channel economics, including reimbursement trends, net cost recovery dynamics, and impact on account behavior to inform channel strategy.

  1. Longitudinal payer and provider level reimbursement trends for buy & bill products and associated administration services
  2. Detailed net cost recovery estimates by channel for product and labor economics
  3. Regional reimbursement and net cost recovery dynamics
  4. Exploration of economic sensitivity through market share / net cost recovery correlation analyses
net cost recovery
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Alternative Payment Models

Evaluate and monitor the landscape of oncology value-based reimbursement models, including provider/payer participants, program structures, implementation requirements, and other value drivers to understand their impact on patient care.

  1. Participating provider account and payer mapping
  2. Potential patient lives exposure
  3. Model overview
  4. Tumor types management
  5. Quality measures tracking
alternative payment models tool
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Medical Benefit Management

Profile medical benefit manager (oncology, lab, radiopharmaceutical) payer partnerships & understand the payer and provider market access impact of MBMs on your target brands.

  1. MBM payer adoption tracking and regional coverage maps
  2. Service offerings by MBM and ranking of complexity
  3. Profiles of MBM management impact on payer restriction and provider burden
  4. MBM influencers and KDM targets
  5. MBM account profiles and payer plan look-up
medical benefit management tool
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Distribution Analog Launch Planning

Evaluate analog distribution and dispensing trends to inform model design and channel strategy based on product and indication-specific characteristics.

  1. Interactive dashboards to visualize model design trends based on custom filters
  2. Vendor inclusion in limited distribution networks
  3. Model evolution history
  4. Provider procurement preferences.
medical benefit management tool
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VA Oncology Access

Visualize & track VA oncology access to support engagement efforts across national and site-level VA stakeholders.

  1. VA medical center site mapping
  2. Oncology-specific initiatives and pilot
  3. Product access management (formulary, pathways) & key influencer mapping
va oncology access
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